We love the title of this article in our local neighborhood publication. Thank you Decatur Focus! We are busier than ever and are loving every minute of it. Call us during Women in Construction Week, March 4th- 10th, and let's have a conversation about putting your project in motion. We're ready to get started.


There are so many great articles to read in the March issue of Decatur Focus -  find out which Saturday is your Neighborhood Cleanup Day, what native plants you should plant in your garden this year, which 5K races to register for, and don't forget Touch a Truck Day.

March is a month full of wonderful events. We'll see you around town!


Virginia + Debbie

It's Time for the Westchester Battle of the Bands!

We're happy to announce that we are Super Fan Sponsors of this SUPER FUN fundraiser for Westchester Elementary. You can go on over to our Facebook page for your chance to win two tickets valued at $100 -  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN! We're just as excited about the judges as we are the performers this year. It's sure to be a memorable night.

The Dammages were the winners of 2017! Photo Credit: From the Hip Photography

The Dammages were the winners of 2017! Photo Credit: From the Hip Photography

The event will take place At Avondale Towne Cinema

Friday, March 23 at 7 PM - 11:30 PM

This year's contenders are listed below and you can read about them HERE.

Flock of Eagles
Transmit and Receive
Kickin’ Edgar
The Squirrelheads
The Benders

Battle of the Bands is a high-energy, adults-only, on-your-feet, dancing good time that raises money for the students and staff of Westchester Elementary School. 

Each band will perform four songs, with the winning band playing a two-song encore set.

Yvonne Monet

Tammy Dammann, Singer, The Dammages
Dr. David Dude, CSD Superintendent
Tony Powers, Decatur City Commissioner, Intown Ace Hardware
Mark Trojanowski, Drummer, Sister Hazel
Shani Sammons, Board of Governors, The Recording Academy (GRAMMY’S) Marketer

Show your support by entering to win the GIVEAWAY and inviting all your friends. We'll see you on our Facebook page, and hopefully at the show!

Special thanks to  Meredith Mlynar Burris and Kelly Brooks for organizing and hosting this awesome event. 

We can't wait!


Debbie + Virginia




Okay, you've had an entire month to settle into 2018. So, how are those New Year's Resolutions coming along? Are you keeping them? It's hard to do, we know - life gets in the way. But don't  give up on your hopes and dreams just yet.

Do, however, fight off the guilt you feel when your eye lands on that overwhelming pile of clothing in the corner (that would be easier to donate than launder at this point), or when you have the slight inclination to give names to the dust balls hiding under your bed (they're looking kind of cute!), or when you'd simply rather take a nap than do anything productive. That's right, fight it off, be kind to yourself... you can do this. 

Level Craft thinks the key to making big improvements in your life is to start with little changes in your immediate environment. I don't know about you, but when our houses are clean and organized we feel like we can take on the world! Our homes should be happy places that reflect our inner beings and provide respite after a long day, don't you agree? If so, read on. Level Craft has researched some proven ways to bring calm and positivity to your most scared place.

Courtesy of Lori Andrews aka  The 10 Cent Designer

Courtesy of Lori Andrews aka The 10 Cent Designer



Whether you're into the Chinese harmonizing philosophy of Feng Shui, or the Danish celebration of the simple way of life called hygge, pronounced "hue-guh," a good way to start your path to happiness is to clean house! And we don't mean literally, so put the cleaning supplies away for now - we mean get rid of that bad energy.


Remove everything from your house that is annoying or emotionally overwhelming. Rearrange your furniture to create an inviting and harmonious space. Of course, this sounds like a daunting task, but start small. We suggest beginning in the bathroom or bedroom. Work your way through each room of your home. Condense. Simplify. Spotlight items and materials you love. We adore these jars of healing herbs and spices in our neighbor's window. 

Courtesy of Angela Georges Photography

Courtesy of Angela Georges Photography



Go through your home and revisit your possessions, form a new relationship with them. See your belongings in a new and different light. Give them a new life! Move them. Dust them off. Create vignettes around your home using materials, textures, and colors that you love. Reconnect with nature by bringing the outside in. We love the pine cones in this vignette created by our friend and designer. Bring life into your home by incorporating items you love.  It will bring you calm and comfort.


Finally, we encourage you to set goals. We're guessing your New Year's resolutions had something to do with being more organized, more active, and more involved, right? Right. We all want the same things. Self-improvement is difficult. It requires, time, consideration, reflection, determination and quite often, sacrifice. What can you do around the house to help you stay focused on your long-term goals?

  • Reflection Routine- Now that you've organized and created good energy in places around your home, where will you sit to ponder your future and collect your thoughts? We feel it's important to make time to reflect. Reflect on your habits, your goals, your ability to change. Even if it's only for 15 minutes a day, the act of simply thinking about what you want and why you want it will help you stay focused on your future. We suggest a spot near a bright window.
  • Keep a Journal- Sometimes writing it down, or keeping a tangible image helps with bringing a desire to fruition. We've always kept fresh ideas close to us in written form. Let's face it, it's easier to recall if we have it written down. Also, we love seeing our progression and growth in journals.
  • Collaborate- What a wonderful way to stay inspired and to learn new skills. If you seek help from others, some great ideas and experiences are bound to happen! Besides, we can't do it all alone, and others will be willing to help you succeed. It's more fun to achieve success with friends. Oh, and there's that accountability piece, too.
  • Visualize- Do not underestimate the power of your mind. The mental practice of visualizing your desires can enhance your motivation and inner strength. Close your eyes and imagine your goals. What do they look like? What do they feel like? Visualization helps you stay on track. We prefer to practice this mental activity right before bed. It's a great way to relax and relish in what can and will be!

So, there you have it. 

Simplify your life, reconnect with your surroundings, and stay focused on your future. You might not have the financial resources to build your own home right now, or to start the remodel of your dreams, but you can certainly take action, today, to improve your living spaces. In doing so, you'll be inviting calm into your home and creating beauty around you. It's what we try to accomplish with every project.

Now, get to work!


Virginia + Debbie


O.M. Norling's - A Curious Art Spectacle

We are so proud to support our community, its members and their insane talent. Thanks to Jay Wilson for giving us yet another reason to celebrate Oakhurst and our decision to live and work here. We thoroughly enjoyed your show. 

Courtesy of Angela Georges Photography

Courtesy of Angela Georges Photography

Yes! We want one of these paintings on our wall. If we're being honest, more than one!
What an amazing pop-up gallery show by O.M. Norling at the Solarium this past weekend. The gallery walls donned 20 incredibly detailed, textural works with fantastic titles, too. Friday and Saturday were adult viewing only, but Sunday, the gallery was open specifically to the children. Brilliant! Little ones of all ages gained an appreciation for art and O.M. Norling's process while munching on popcorn and searching for clues in the artist's works. The fact that Jay Wilson (painting as O.M. Norling) was there, to field their questions and even take a photo, was the cherry on top. Everyone was inspired by Norling's subject matter and technique. 

Guess what? If you missed it, you can still go check it out:

WEDNESDAY, Jan 31: Noon-7:00PM

THURSDAY, Feb 1: Noon-7:00PM

FRIDAY, Feb 2: Noon-8:00PM

SATURDAY, Feb 3: Noon-8:00PM

Level Craft wants O.M. Norling to know our favorites. (If he needs to temporarily store them somewhere, we know just the place!) Only kidding, we're pretty sure most of his paintings already have new homes. Congratulations Jay Wilson!  We can't wait for the next show. 

Debbie's favorite pieces is titled "The Liar's Chair And". 

Photo credit: Frank Steele via

Photo credit: Frank Steele via

Virginia's is titled "Equilibrium for the Conspicuous Recluse"

Photo credit: Frank Steele via

Photo credit: Frank Steele via

If you're an artist and have an upcoming event, please let us know. We love spotlighting local talent. 


Virginia + Debbie


Virginia Van Lear and Debbie Hollonbeck are a real inspiration for members of Atlanta Professional Women in Building and in the homebuilding industry throughout the South.

We realize you might want to know how we got our start. So, here it is! Thank you to the Home Builders Association of Georgia for spotlighting Level Craft Construction in their 2017 Sept/October issue of Georgia Builder. We have such a passion for what we do and we simply can't wait to work with you. Spread the word. We're making our mark in Atlanta!


Thank you for all your support, 

Virginia + Debbie



Nestled in this heavily wooded lot is one of our proudest accomplishments. We were so excited about taking on this custom build in North Druid Hills back in August of last year. It's the most modern build we've done to date, and most definitely one of our larger and more involved houses. We'll show you the details before you see the finished product. We had to wait, so why shouldn't you? It's worth it...


Massive forty-four foot partially exposed beams run the length of the house and support the roofline allowing for an impressively spacious floor plan. The back of the house is out-fitted with wrap-around floor to ceiling storefront windows which flood the rooms with wonderful, warm natural light. With a family of three boys, this setting is perfect for bringing the great outdoors in. 


Straight lines and simple finishes accentuate an interesting combination of materials, namely cedar and metal siding. Sleek, heavy, solid and modern- that's how we'd describe this home.


Not only was this a complicated and complex build, it provided us with a unique opportunity to learn and grow. We are proud and privileged to add this custom build to our portfolio. More importantly, we're thrilled to give this forward-thinking family the house of their dreams.


Contact us if you'd like to see the rest of the tour.


Virginia + Debbie



Design Trends 2018

At Level Craft, we don’t have a crystal ball in our office, but it seems, according to the industry predictions for 2018, we’ve been seeing far into the future for a while now. Several of the hottest trends according to articles published by Houzz, LA Times, and Vogue, are already practices we implement in our design and construction.

Black is the New Black

To be specific, matte black is white hot this year! We love it. Not only are you making a bold statement with the use of matte black fixtures, your home environment can easily be transformed to either a dramatic masculine level of sophistication or softened and made subtler by color pallet choices and added textural elements. 


Just like that versatile little black dress you have hanging in your closet, matte black fixtures can be adapted to achieve numerous desired looks depending on design choices. Don’t worry, we have lots of suggestions.

Did Someone say Feature Wall?

I hope so. We know walls and which ones to feature. I know what you’re thinking, “What is a feature wall, and why do I need one?”

design by urbanhome

design by urbanhome

Feature walls are quickly becoming an easy way to liven up a space and create dynamic focal points by incorporating bold color or texture. Stylistic statements can be made using a variety of materials, we really love reclaimed wood and shiplap, but there are endless options. While feature walls are better suited for large open spaces, we can help you with other ways to create emphasis in your smaller rooms. There is an exception to that rule, bathrooms. Bathrooms, even tiny ones, benefit from adding a little something extra. Check out this example with shiplap- perfect way to break up those verticals!


And even though a ceiling can't really be considered a wall, it can still be featured! 



We Give Trough Sinks Two Thumbs-Up!

We are on board with trough sinks, after all, they were an original feature of our muse- the farmhouse. Homeowners often desire two vanities in the bathroom, but don’t want the clutter or extra weight of a large countertop and cabinets. A trough sink is a perfect solution. You get your two faucets, a little extra space, and you can stay true to your minimal self.





Who cares about trends anyway? Trends come and go, style moves forward, and the modern farmhouse is here to stay. 

Happy New Year!

Virginia + Debbie


We’ve noticed a significant uptick in requests for “mud rooms.”  A mud room is typically a small room or entryway where boots get wiped and coats get hung.  Mud rooms originated in homes in the colder northern states where a receiving area for defrosting snowy boots and winter gear was essential.  Over the past few decades, northern transplants have transported the mud room south. Homeowners in southern states are now finding mud rooms ideal for wiping shoes, storing school uniforms and sports equipment, and hanging dog leashes and car keys.  Well-designed mud rooms have ample cubbies and racks for storage and numerous hooks for hanging damp and wet clothing.  A mud room can double as a laundry room so wet clothing can immediately be deposited into a washer or dryer without being tracked through the rest of the house. Generally mud room floors are made from easily cleaned materials like concrete or linoleum.  Every homeowner who’s enjoyed the utility of a mud room in past dwellings place it on their “non-negotiable” list when renovating or purchasing a new home.  Here’s a mud room we recently completed in Oakhurst. True to form it’s equipped with hooks, cubbies, bench, and a nearby sink to wash away any unwanted outdoor elements.



Using natural elements like brick or stone will continue to trend over the next year. For good reason, brick and stone interiors help to create that relaxed setting. Brick and stone create an earthy feel when left in their natural state. Painted brick brings a new twist by adding a cool, modern look. Natural rocks like fieldstone, cobblestone, and river stone all have their own unique characteristics and create a strong visual statement when adapted into an accent wall. Since brick, stone, and other natural rocks are temperature regulators, using them has an added benefit of keeping your summers cooler and winters warmer.

From oil-rubbed bronze pulls with nickel copper pendant lighting and cast bronze sinks we’ll especially see metal incorporated into kitchens. People are boldly stepping away from the compulsion to match and finding that mixing metals can create an interesting and artistic effect. The most common pairing we’ve noticed is stainless steel appliances with a copper range hood. Mixing metals in the kitchen is now truly considered vogue. So have fun. Go ahead and hang some brushed nickel sconces over a hammered copper sink with bronze faucets.

As homeowners become more health-conscious they’re tapping into our most natural element─sunlight. Incorporating natural light into design plans is a huge trend. Using natural sunlight creates a wonderful effect throughout home interior to not only help augment interior colors but also a subtly lift our moods. Sunlight actually increases endorphin and serotonin levels in humans which act as a natural mood lifter. One of the best ways to increase your natural lighting is to be mindful of the way your home is positioned in the first place. We have become increasingly intentional when working with architects to maximize effects of the natural sunlight.

Homeowners will continue to lust for a more Zen bathroom experience. Bathroom renovations can be real budget-busters but were finding out that customers are willing to pay a little extra to bring nirvana right into their bathrooms. Expect to see open and airy spa-like bathrooms with heated floors, floating sinks, custom storage, large curb-less showers and free-standing tubs to help create a routine of daily tranquility. Homeowners are taking advantage of their bathroom time by reframing it as an opportunity to tap into some much needed serenity before heading out for another hectic day. Or as a way of decompressing after an arduous day by lighting a scented candle and by soaking in a tub of soothing bath herbs.


2015 home renovation and design trends lean toward making your home both more stylish and functional. Here are a few of these ideas and tips we’d like to pass onto you. Our compilation comes from two main sources: 1) Trends that we’ve noted while thumbing through year-turning editions of our favorite magazines. 2) Common requests from our Level Craft clients. We’ll break things up into a few more “readable” segments to avoid further taxing your end of the year time crunch.

With the sting of the recession still lingering, more folks are choosing to remodel their existing homes rather than hunt high and low for a new property. Trend sources indicate that homeowners are finding it more satisfying (and a smarter financial move) to invest cash into their existing dwellings to make it their “ideal” rather than starting from scratch.

Breathe easy. A huge new trend is remodeling and renovation with a more health-conscious spirit. People are eager to improve their home environments with healthier materials like non-formaldehyde cabinets, better air filtration systems, more natural lighting (including glass exterior walls), and indoor gardens that naturally pump more oxygen into the home air.

Our clients are asking for a clean, more pared down look. In keeping with a more minimalist mindset our clients want a more serene space with larger rooms and fewer halls and walls that could potentially create a “boxed in” feeling. Our clients decisively add that they are not asking for an environment that is cold and sterile, but one that is more soothing and simple.

Space-saving design features like a multi-functional staircase with embedded book shelves, seats, and storage spaces for toys are becoming a practical solution to creating a more spacious and family-oriented home atmosphere. Home renovators are taking copious notes from builders of Tiny Homes and adopting no-nonsense ways for making every inch of square footage count like incorporating Murphy Beds, retractable tables, and custom ladders leading to hidden spaces.

Neutral and rustic colors like tan, charcoal, mulberry, and peach are common requests. Dreamy eggplant, relaxing blues, mauves, teals and richly patterned textiles are also resonating with are more serenity-conscious clients. Small pops of decorative colors in hot demand are limes, grapes, and sonic purple.