Level Craft has been building, renovating and designing homes and commercial spaces for over 20 years. As a 100% woman owned business, we pay particular detail to anything and everything on our job sites and strive for perfection. If you are looking for a builder that understands you and your needs, is sensitive to your budget, and considerate of your precious time....
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Virginia Van Lear
Partner, General Contractor

Virginia Van Lear has been building and renovating homes in the Atlanta area since 1996. Virginia is a Licensed Residential Contractor and Earth Craft Certified Builder. She is also an extremely hands-on contractor which is very atypical in today’s environment. She has been involved in all types of home projects and has vast  experience with all ranges of projects and absolutely loves what she does. She is one of only a handful of female  contractor’s in Atlanta and has found that to be a powerful advantage over some other contractors. Virginia also holds an  art degree from the University of Ga. As an artist, builder and mother of two, Virginia sincerely grasps the nuances of  what makes a renovation project stay on schedule and on budget while also working with the homeowner to enjoy the process. Virginia lives one block away from Debbie with her two teenage children, Bella and Foster, and has at least 2 dogs at all times.

Debbie Hollonbeck
Partner, General Contractor

Like Virginia, Debbie Hollonbeck has an artful background. But after years of teaching art in elementary  schools—Debbie was ready for new  challenges. She aspired to find a niche that tapped both sides of her busy visual right-brain hemisphere with her analytical left.  Debbie  indulged her long-time interest of home restoration and began renovating homes with her husband Scot. Her first  project was her own bungalow in Inman Park. After that she was hooked. She and Scot built their next home in Oakhurst with  the help of a local builder.  It turned out that home renovation and building was Debbie's ideal brain-mix of art and  education. She continued to parlay her  design and project management skills into a full time position with a local builder for over six  years. Now Debbie is a partner at Level Craft—  bringing her rich and varied toolbox of talent to every custom job. Partner and  founder of Level Craft Virginia Van Lear says, "Debbie's  enthusiasm is refreshing and her ability to problem-solve keeps every  project running smoothly. If it weren't for Debbie, I'd be up nights  worrying about every detail." Debbie lives in a beautifully  renovated Decatur home with her husband Scot, eleven-year-old daughter Abby  and over-zealous dog Maggie Mae.


Tye LaForce
Project Manager


How it Works:

Phase 1:

  • You will have an open discussion with Virginia and Debbie about your design needs, budget, time frame and wish list.

  • We will look at architectural plans if you have them and if not, we will suggest our in house architect.

  • After the architectural plans are finished, a member of Level craft will go over the plans with you, tweak them and make material decisions.

Phase 2:

  • We will schedule a subcontractor meeting at your site. We will meet the subs there to go over the plans with them and start receiving the bids from them in the coming days. You are welcome to be there for the meeting if you wish and we hope you are.

  • A member of Level Craft will then compile the bids into an easy to read spreadsheet so that you can see what the total cost is going to be.

  • Level Craft is cost plus contracting company meaning that we charge you for the cost of the build plus a contractor’s fee and project management. All of the invoices are available to you at any time and totally transparent.

  • Once our bid is accepted and approved, we will sign a contract and request a deposit to start the project.

Phase 3:

  • A building permit will be pulled by a member of Level Craft or you may hire an expeditor.

Phase 4:

  • Building will begin!!

  • A draw request will be submitted weekly or bi monthly to you or to your bank depending on the progress of the project.

  • Level Craft will assist you in all client selections, paint selections, design details, etc. We will be there for all inspections, daily management of subs, materials, city inspections, bank inspections, client walk throughs etc.

Final Phase:

  • At the end of the project, we will conduct a final walk through to make sure we have everything finished to the specifications on the plan and a final cleanup will ensue!

  • A C.O. will be issued for your records.