We can’t help but notice the uptick in the use of pendant lighting in home renovation.  We’ve actually had a penchant for pendants for many years.  In terms of both form and function pendant lights are an iconic choice.  Functionally speaking they’re the ultimate task-master offering multiple types of illumination (for chore, decorative, and general lighting).  In terms of form they range widely from traditional and transitional to uber-modern and back again.  Though pendant lights are typically placed over a kitchen island, dining room table or billiard table-we like utilizing pendant lighting in additional areas of the homes.

A pendant fixture in the foyer, den, or stairwell can create warmth and beauty.  The casting shadows create a dramatic play off the ceiling and walls.  The example posted below is from one of our recently renovated homes in Winnona Park.  We love the way the light plays off the light, warm wood creating an incandescent glow. The light created the exact effect we were gunning for.


The next photo is from the same renovation-this time the kitchen pendant lights lend a hint of elegance to the artisan functionality of this “Modern Farmhouse” kitchen.  The re-purposed decking boards used in lieu of plywood keep the down-home-feel front and center.

Next is a triptych of smoky glass pendant lights suspended over a granite kitchen island that creates a clean, symmetrical look embodying the aesthetically modern and elegant kitchen.

The photo below illustrates the playful elegance of pendant lights hanging in the mint-colored children’s room.  The lighting in the children’s room echoes the Moroccan undertones of the fixture hanging in the home’s foyer (final photo below).