Taking down the Christmas wreath or packing away the Hanukah Menorah always accompanies a dash of sadness. On the flip, we love all the “Best of” and “Trends to Watch Out For” lists that come out in January. Scrolling through predicted trends and styles on the Internet quickly erases any nostalgic pangs brought on by the year’s end. This January, we took our annual perusal a step further and compiled our own list. Below are just a few of the common design and home renovation trends we found while surfing the web and pillaging the magazine racks at Barnes and Noble. One thing is for sure—Zen is in. Look for anything earthy, earth-friendly, soul-easing or mantra-inspiring. From recycled glass tiles for the shower to re-purposed just-about-everything. In 2014 tranquility is the new kid on the block.

In the Bathroom- This year, homeowners want to bring nirvana right into their bathrooms by turning their bathroom experience into a spa-experience. They no longer view their daily prep time shaving and showering as a chore but as an opportunity to tap into some much needed serenity before heading out for another hectic day. Expect to see open, airy bathrooms with heated floors, floating sinks, custom storage, large curb-less showers and free-standing tubs to help create a routine of daily tranquility.  

In the Bedroom- Homeowners yearn to create a Zen-like sanctuary in their bedrooms this year. To do this, the multifaceted gray and many shades of blue will be called upon to usher in subtlety and calm. Natural materials and warm woods will also bring harmony and ease. Quiet niche areas with tufted armchairs and accent pillows will provide a cloistered place to exhale at the day’s end. Functionality, however, is also important. Expect to see compartmentalized storage, shoe walls and open vanity areas.

In the Kitchen-Non-toxic earth-friendly cabinetry is in as well as floating shelves. Simple countertops and minimalists designs are widely predicted as are energy-efficient appliances that blend naturally into the kitchen landscape or are hidden away from plain view entirely. Remodels will also utilize more renewable materials like bamboo. Additional design features will work hard to incorporate the local climate (e.g. considering daily sun paths to take full advantage of natural lighting).