Henry Ford said “Experience is thing of supreme value.” We agree. An advantage of two decades of experience is a well-honed design instinct. Simply put—we trust our guts. Looking back at our work we can’t help but notice that whenever we put our heads together the result is always a seamless blend of a few favorite styles.

Virginia grew up in Coastal South Carolina so it’s easy to trace her Low Country design sense in many of her architectural and design choices. The simplicity of Asian design has always appealed to me—the balance and reference to nature not only draws me in visually but also provides a compass for the direction in which I aspire to live my personal life. Above all we both love the form and functionality of Scandinavian design.

This photo illustrates what we’re talking about. Even though this space might be considered somewhat deep in terms of footage we still managed to create an open Zen-like space. Of course fans are typical in Low Country dwellings. Here, the choice of dark wood is an Asian reference as are the simple natural branches in clear, simple vases. The rattan baskets are another coastal element as are the Asian-silhouetted whicker chairs. The throw pillow with Moroccan pattern is an easterly nod. The prioritization of functional separate spaces for sitting, dining, etc. is the overall essence of Scandinavian design.

Having deciphered our Coastal-Asian-Scandinavian design sense immensely simplifies our process. More importantly, our clients are always pleased the results of our blended styles.