Since August 26th is Women’s Equality Day we wanted to highlight some facts related to women who, like us, work in “non-traditional jobs.” We’ve been working in the home renovation business for nearly a decade and we absolutely love what we do and consider ourselves very lucky to wake up every day eager to tackle the day’s challenges. Along with a truck load of tools we pack our brains AND our brawn every day. After a long day our families are accustomed to us arriving home with mud-caked boots and coffee-stained blue prints. After all, it’s just part of the job. We highly recommend any girl out there tinkering with the idea of a non-traditional occupation to seriously consider home renovation. Heck, we’ll even teach you gals how to swing a hammer. That’s how inspired we are about this business for girls and women. Anyway, here are the most recent statistics available from the United States Department of Labor regarding women in non-traditional occupations. We hope you find it as interesting as we do:


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