O.M. Norling's - A Curious Art Spectacle

We are so proud to support our community, its members and their insane talent. Thanks to Jay Wilson for giving us yet another reason to celebrate Oakhurst and our decision to live and work here. We thoroughly enjoyed your show. 

Courtesy of Angela Georges Photography

Courtesy of Angela Georges Photography

Yes! We want one of these paintings on our wall. If we're being honest, more than one!
What an amazing pop-up gallery show by O.M. Norling at the Solarium this past weekend. The gallery walls donned 20 incredibly detailed, textural works with fantastic titles, too. Friday and Saturday were adult viewing only, but Sunday, the gallery was open specifically to the children. Brilliant! Little ones of all ages gained an appreciation for art and O.M. Norling's process while munching on popcorn and searching for clues in the artist's works. The fact that Jay Wilson (painting as O.M. Norling) was there, to field their questions and even take a photo, was the cherry on top. Everyone was inspired by Norling's subject matter and technique. 

Guess what? If you missed it, you can still go check it out:

WEDNESDAY, Jan 31: Noon-7:00PM

THURSDAY, Feb 1: Noon-7:00PM

FRIDAY, Feb 2: Noon-8:00PM

SATURDAY, Feb 3: Noon-8:00PM

Level Craft wants O.M. Norling to know our favorites. (If he needs to temporarily store them somewhere, we know just the place!) Only kidding, we're pretty sure most of his paintings already have new homes. Congratulations Jay Wilson!  We can't wait for the next show. 

Debbie's favorite pieces is titled "The Liar's Chair And". 

Photo credit: Frank Steele via omnorling.com

Photo credit: Frank Steele via omnorling.com

Virginia's is titled "Equilibrium for the Conspicuous Recluse"

Photo credit: Frank Steele via omnorling.com

Photo credit: Frank Steele via omnorling.com

If you're an artist and have an upcoming event, please let us know. We love spotlighting local talent. 


Virginia + Debbie