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As builders, each project comes to us with its unique challenges. The house on Monroe was no exception. We found it in a horrific state - a tree had fallen and split it directly down the middle! Talk about an opportunity to problem solve!


Level Craft worked with the owner to design and build an incredibly stylish 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath Tudor style home with an open floor plan. High end finishes and detailed architectural elements give it a refreshing uniqueness.

This home has a convenient two-car garage leading inside to a wonderful custom designed mudroom and desk area. The home is flooded with natural light and creative storage solutions.

The back of the home has 2 levels of decks and porches that overlook the Atlanta sky line! And it’s only a short stroll to Piedmont park.


We’re incredibly pleased with the the simple beauty and functionality of this home.

Call us. We love what we do and are looking forward to discussing your dream home.


Debbie + Virginia


We’ve been reading up on recent design trends, namely interior paint, and thought you might want to know what’s in store for 2019!


Color Choice - It’s a Big Deal

It’s not an easy task to select a color of the year for many major interior paint manufacturers. Teams of designers and color stylists mull over the decision, and hours of research regarding consumer trends, lifestyles, and recurring themes in history are considered. Even the title given to color of the year can have serious marketing implications.

The ladies understand this 'color conundrum' when deciding between two shades of red at the nail salon...and making the final decision based solely on the name.  (Personally, we love “I’m Not Really a Waitress!”)  

Color is a psychological powerhouse in the fields of advertising, marketing, and design. It creates a mood, emphasizes a connection, and manifests intimacy in our living spaces.


According to the color experts, here’s what’s hot right now:

Pantone Color of the Year 2019 — Living Coral

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral — Read the Color Intelligence


Described as “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

Pantone, a company that proclaims itself “the global authority on color,” has been around since 1963 and employs a 20-person team called the Pantone Color Institute to help with the Color of the Year selection. The process of selecting a color takes 9 months!

Image: Furniture Choice

Image: Furniture Choice

Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2019 — Cavern Clay

SHERWIN WILLIAMS Cavern Clay SW 7701 — Read the Color Intelligence

Image: Sherwin Williams

Image: Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams describes Cavern Clay as a "warm terracotta color with ancient, elemental roots," and explains that it's a "nod to midcentury modern style, but with the soul of the American Southwest, which together create the desert modern aesthetic."

Behr’s Color of the Year 2019 — Blueprint

Blueprint S470-5— Read the Color Intelligence

Image: Behr

Image: Behr

Blueprint, available exclusively at The Home Depot, is a mid-tone blue that Behr's in-house color expert, Erika Woelfel, believes is universally appealing, as it's "warmer than denim and softer than navy." 

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2019 — Metropolitan


Image: Benjamin Moore

Image: Benjamin Moore

“Comforting, composed and effortlessly sophisticated, Metropolitan AF-690 exudes beauty and balance,” said Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Director of Strategic Design Intelligence. “It’s a color in the neutral spectrum that references a contemplative state of mind and design. Not arresting nor aggressive, this understated yet glamorous gray creates a soothing, impactful common ground.

What do you think?

So, there you have it! We’d love to know your thoughts. Please comment below and let us know what influences your choice for interior paint color!

3107 Bay Street is on the Market!

4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Modern Farmhouse in the hot, up-and-coming Atlanta area of Scottdale!

4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Modern Farmhouse in the hot, up-and-coming Atlanta area of Scottdale!

You won't believe the gorgeous details of this perfect home. We had fun designing this floor plan and using some of our favorite material combinations. Take a look at this master bath:


And if you're interested in seeing the beginning stages of this beauty... pictures are located HERE. Pictures of the entire home are located HERE. Enjoy! And then give us a call, we want to build you a home you'll love.

We are so thrilled this home is currently on the market. Contact CANDACE FUQUA of Avenue Realty at 770-912-9003 to to set up an appointment to view this gorgeous masterpiece!


Virginia + Debbie

Atlanta INtown Paper is the BEST!

Wow! We are so excited to have a feature in the prestigious Atlanta INtown Paper! If you haven't picked up the June Issue, find one! It's an amazing read - chocked full of fun activities for summer and new restaurants to visit. We personally want to try Deep End in O4W, a restaurant by the same guys that created Pinewood. Looks yummy. Anyway, we digress. To read the digital edition online go HERE.  You'll find the full article on page 20!

What a great looking Content Page! Atlanta INtown has really become the "go to" for all things Atlanta.

What a great looking Content Page! Atlanta INtown has really become the "go to" for all things Atlanta.


Thank you Kathy Dean and Collin Kelley for such a great article. We also need to give a shout out to Nancy Cost of Nancy Cost Design, she's amazing too! 

Who's ready to plan their dream home?

We're waiting!


Virginia + Debbie

Some Real Progress


Watching a home go up is such a joy. Every addition, every detail, the smells, the paint colors and finishing touches - we love it all. 

A couple months ago, on Instagram, we posted a photo of the framing of this house. Go take a look (and please follow us while you're at it)! We sure have come a long way. This spec home is one of two we have available in Scottdale - which is an up-and-coming neighborhood in Atlanta - and it has really taken shape. We're  almost finished. If you want more information just go to our For Sale page and take a look. We'd be happy to give you the tour. Meanwhile, here's a snapshot of some of the timeless materials we're using!

This house is going to make a lovely home for someone. Maybe you! 

Let us know if you want to see it in person.


Virginia + Debbie

Decatur Living - Feature

Thank you for asking our opinion Decatur Living!  This issue spotlights the Druid Hills Home & Garden 50th Anniversary Tour - and we're thrilled that one of our historical projects is included in the magazine and on the tour. 

We enjoyed seeing this article in print and hope potential clients will enjoy the read. If you're local, it might be sitting in your mailbox right now! Go check!

Otherwise, read the full ONLINE article HERE.

Contact us for more details on how we can help with designing and implementing your renovation. We are overflowing with helpful information and look forward to working with you.


Virginia + Debbie

Deana Kingsbury's 1926 Mediterranean Stunner

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

Level Craft is so happy for the recent recognition this historic home and its owner have received by the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Level Craft is proud to have completed renovations and is absolutely thrilled with the overall appearance of this exquisite home. This 4,200-square-foot house contains five bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths. It will be on the Druid Hills Home & Garden 50th Anniversary Tour. You can catch a glimpse of the tour, buy tickets, or volunteer online here: Druid Hills Tour

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

We absolutely love the bold jewel tones and modern, yet playful, pallete of selected furnishings. 

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

Photo by Christopher Oquendo

We could share more wonderful images, but why not go see it for yourself? Congratulations Deana on bringing this beauty back to life. What an amazing home. (We only gave you a peek - the landscaping and backyard are also something to see!) Do not miss out on this gem. Oh, and did we mention that it was designed by Leila Ross Wilburn? There are so many remarkable details to this home. 

Full AJC Article

Maybe we'll run into on the Druid Hills Home & Garden Tour, April 20 – April 22. Hope so!

Get your tickets today!



Virginia + Debbie

5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Home

You flip through the magazines daily, seem magnetically drawn to paint chips at the hardware store, and are constantly daydreaming of having a more beautiful house. We understand! But what do you do when you're finally ready to take the plunge? We've outlined 5 things to consider when you are really ready to start tearing down walls.

223 South Columbia Dr-7.jpg


Money is always the issue, isn’t it? Know your budget, then add 15-20% for contingency costs. You never know what potential nightmare is hiding behind your walls or if you’ll absolutely never forgive yourself if you don't upgrade to the higher-end materials. You must have that sputnik chandelier! Overruns, errors in estimations,  account for the majority of budget snags. Having contingency costs built into your budget will allow you to start your project without worrying that you’ll go over. So, do your homework!

Photo compliments of Angela Georges Photography

Photo compliments of Angela Georges Photography


The spaces we help you design and build should be indicative of your daily activities and routines. Ask yourself about your family’s habits. Do you love to cook? You'll need more space in the kitchen. Do you love hosting formal parties? Well, we’ll need to take that into consideration when planning your dining room or your foyer. Where do you usually relax after dinner? Do you resign to the sitting room? My family always lingered around the kitchen table while my parents did the dishes. So, I designed my kitchen as a wide open space that accommodated  those after dinner discussions. And my sink is located on the island, so while I do dishes I’m facing the audience and can be a part of the antics! The right contractor takes all of these lifestyle choices into consideration when planning the design and functionality of your home.

Photos by Angela Georges Photography

Photos by Angela Georges Photography

Natural Light-

We are very keen on the effects of natural light in our custom builds and renovations. There are so many documented health related benefits tied to natural light, not to mention the aesthetic and energy saving appeal. All of the studies have encouraged us to pay attention and to incorporate natural light into our designs when possible. According to an article in Architectural Lighting, scientists at the Lighting Research Center in Troy, NY have reported that “day-lit environments increase productivity and comfort, and provide the mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate human circadian rhythms.” Who doesn't enjoy an afternoon nap in filtered sunlight? It's invigorating! Mad props for vitamin D.

Photo compliments of Heidi Parlato

Photo compliments of Heidi Parlato

And if you’re a houseplant lover, did you know that north facing windows provide the most consistent levels of light throughout the day? Yes, we think about these things when planning your renovation.

Photo compliments of Judith de Graaff

Photo compliments of Judith de Graaff

Engineering + Functionality-

Do you know the concepts Value Engineering and Efficiency and Green Building? These are not just industry buzzwords, you’ll want to know how they benefit you and save you money on your remodeling project! Value engineering is a method in which we propose designs that cut costs while maximizing the value and functionality of your spaces by giving you more livable square footage. For example, one thing we consider in the planning stage of your renovation is the amount of walkspace in your hallways and vestibules. We pride ourselves in finding creative ways to utilize the wasted space we find around your home. We are also Earth Craft builders so we look for ways of being more efficient and green. We want our homes to be constructed and designed to reduce environmental impacts – Level Craft feels it's our responsibility to do our part! 



It might be the least fun thing to think about when planning your renovation, but we’re up for the challenge. You'll need organized spaces for your cleaning supplies, extra bedding, and all that sporting equipment your significant other keeps buying! Are you a clothes hoarder? Regardless of the situation, we will take care of your needs. There are several innovative ways to create extra storage spaces around your home. Hide the clutter, but keep it handy for when you need it.

354 arizona_edit_VanLeer-19.jpg
354 arizona_edit_VanLeer-21.jpg

Now that you are feeling confident in your ability to take on the task of planning your renovation, give us a call and we'll share our expertise! We really do care about making your dream come true. Let's get started!

We're waiting to hear from you,

Virginia + Debbie


We love the title of this article in our local neighborhood publication. Thank you Decatur Focus! We are busier than ever and are loving every minute of it. Call us during Women in Construction Week, March 4th- 10th, and let's have a conversation about putting your project in motion. We're ready to get started.


There are so many great articles to read in the March issue of Decatur Focus -  find out which Saturday is your Neighborhood Cleanup Day, what native plants you should plant in your garden this year, which 5K races to register for, and don't forget Touch a Truck Day.

March is a month full of wonderful events. We'll see you around town!


Virginia + Debbie


Okay, you've had an entire month to settle into 2018. So, how are those New Year's Resolutions coming along? Are you keeping them? It's hard to do, we know - life gets in the way. But don't  give up on your hopes and dreams just yet.

Do, however, fight off the guilt you feel when your eye lands on that overwhelming pile of clothing in the corner (that would be easier to donate than launder at this point), or when you have the slight inclination to give names to the dust balls hiding under your bed (they're looking kind of cute!), or when you'd simply rather take a nap than do anything productive. That's right, fight it off, be kind to yourself... you can do this. 

Level Craft thinks the key to making big improvements in your life is to start with little changes in your immediate environment. I don't know about you, but when our houses are clean and organized we feel like we can take on the world! Our homes should be happy places that reflect our inner beings and provide respite after a long day, don't you agree? If so, read on. Level Craft has researched some proven ways to bring calm and positivity to your most scared place.

Courtesy of Lori Andrews aka  The 10 Cent Designer

Courtesy of Lori Andrews aka The 10 Cent Designer



Whether you're into the Chinese harmonizing philosophy of Feng Shui, or the Danish celebration of the simple way of life called hygge, pronounced "hue-guh," a good way to start your path to happiness is to clean house! And we don't mean literally, so put the cleaning supplies away for now - we mean get rid of that bad energy.


Remove everything from your house that is annoying or emotionally overwhelming. Rearrange your furniture to create an inviting and harmonious space. Of course, this sounds like a daunting task, but start small. We suggest beginning in the bathroom or bedroom. Work your way through each room of your home. Condense. Simplify. Spotlight items and materials you love. We adore these jars of healing herbs and spices in our neighbor's window. 

Courtesy of Angela Georges Photography

Courtesy of Angela Georges Photography



Go through your home and revisit your possessions, form a new relationship with them. See your belongings in a new and different light. Give them a new life! Move them. Dust them off. Create vignettes around your home using materials, textures, and colors that you love. Reconnect with nature by bringing the outside in. We love the pine cones in this vignette created by our friend and designer. Bring life into your home by incorporating items you love.  It will bring you calm and comfort.


Finally, we encourage you to set goals. We're guessing your New Year's resolutions had something to do with being more organized, more active, and more involved, right? Right. We all want the same things. Self-improvement is difficult. It requires, time, consideration, reflection, determination and quite often, sacrifice. What can you do around the house to help you stay focused on your long-term goals?

  • Reflection Routine- Now that you've organized and created good energy in places around your home, where will you sit to ponder your future and collect your thoughts? We feel it's important to make time to reflect. Reflect on your habits, your goals, your ability to change. Even if it's only for 15 minutes a day, the act of simply thinking about what you want and why you want it will help you stay focused on your future. We suggest a spot near a bright window.
  • Keep a Journal- Sometimes writing it down, or keeping a tangible image helps with bringing a desire to fruition. We've always kept fresh ideas close to us in written form. Let's face it, it's easier to recall if we have it written down. Also, we love seeing our progression and growth in journals.
  • Collaborate- What a wonderful way to stay inspired and to learn new skills. If you seek help from others, some great ideas and experiences are bound to happen! Besides, we can't do it all alone, and others will be willing to help you succeed. It's more fun to achieve success with friends. Oh, and there's that accountability piece, too.
  • Visualize- Do not underestimate the power of your mind. The mental practice of visualizing your desires can enhance your motivation and inner strength. Close your eyes and imagine your goals. What do they look like? What do they feel like? Visualization helps you stay on track. We prefer to practice this mental activity right before bed. It's a great way to relax and relish in what can and will be!

So, there you have it. 

Simplify your life, reconnect with your surroundings, and stay focused on your future. You might not have the financial resources to build your own home right now, or to start the remodel of your dreams, but you can certainly take action, today, to improve your living spaces. In doing so, you'll be inviting calm into your home and creating beauty around you. It's what we try to accomplish with every project.

Now, get to work!


Virginia + Debbie