Pinney Designs


The DIY Network calls entry doors the “portal to the soul of your house.” We couldn’t agree more. Steel entry doors are hot right now offering a sturdy heft that’s very appealing to homeowners. Copper and bronze are popular right now too. Like steel doors copper and bronze doors are super sturdy. An added feature of interest is their dynamic finish. Due to oxidation, copper and bronze doors are constantly changing in color. Fiberglass doors are becoming increasingly sought-after. Though fiberglass doors mimic the look and feel of real wood—they won’t warp in extreme conditions.

We still prefer good old wooden doors simply because they evoke woodsy warmth and character. We’ve been toying with door colors—most recently marigold, turquoise, and Kelly green. Like the orange door featured above by Cambridge-based Pinney Designs—a pithy and adorable door color can add an interesting twist to the home’s personality.   Since wooden doors can crack and fracture in extreme conditions we do advise touching up the finish every couple of years.

Wooden doors are available in wood sustainably grown and harvested by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). So the more ecologically-conscious can breathe easy.

Make an entrance!