Design Trends 2018

At Level Craft, we don’t have a crystal ball in our office, but it seems, according to the industry predictions for 2018, we’ve been seeing far into the future for a while now. Several of the hottest trends according to articles published by Houzz, LA Times, and Vogue, are already practices we implement in our design and construction.

Black is the New Black

To be specific, matte black is white hot this year! We love it. Not only are you making a bold statement with the use of matte black fixtures, your home environment can easily be transformed to either a dramatic masculine level of sophistication or softened and made subtler by color pallet choices and added textural elements. 


Just like that versatile little black dress you have hanging in your closet, matte black fixtures can be adapted to achieve numerous desired looks depending on design choices. Don’t worry, we have lots of suggestions.

Did Someone say Feature Wall?

I hope so. We know walls and which ones to feature. I know what you’re thinking, “What is a feature wall, and why do I need one?”

design by urbanhome

design by urbanhome

Feature walls are quickly becoming an easy way to liven up a space and create dynamic focal points by incorporating bold color or texture. Stylistic statements can be made using a variety of materials, we really love reclaimed wood and shiplap, but there are endless options. While feature walls are better suited for large open spaces, we can help you with other ways to create emphasis in your smaller rooms. There is an exception to that rule, bathrooms. Bathrooms, even tiny ones, benefit from adding a little something extra. Check out this example with shiplap- perfect way to break up those verticals!


And even though a ceiling can't really be considered a wall, it can still be featured! 



We Give Trough Sinks Two Thumbs-Up!

We are on board with trough sinks, after all, they were an original feature of our muse- the farmhouse. Homeowners often desire two vanities in the bathroom, but don’t want the clutter or extra weight of a large countertop and cabinets. A trough sink is a perfect solution. You get your two faucets, a little extra space, and you can stay true to your minimal self.





Who cares about trends anyway? Trends come and go, style moves forward, and the modern farmhouse is here to stay. 

Happy New Year!

Virginia + Debbie


Some shy away from exterior house colors. Feeling like color is too large of a statement to make on any permanent, public fixture—many choose beiges, bisques, and bone and spite anything that packs a small color-punch. I get it. You don’t want to call attention to yourself. You’d rather live quietly. Mow your lawn on Saturdays. Barbecue on Sundays. You feel like your home is a direct reflection of who you are—and you’re right. However, if you’re on the cusp of choosing an exterior color for your home I’d like you to add another leaf to your decision tree—does your house color match your neighborhood?

The home posted here illustrates my point. This was a 1,700 square feet addition and renovation project on Clay Street in quirky historically-rich Kirkwood. As most of you know, the Craftsman Bungalow is the most prominent architectural home style in Kirkwood. Blue looks really sharp on bungalows and we wanted these wonderful casement windows to stand out. We factored in the artistically-spirited neighborhood and blue was the clear choice. If I had to pinpoint this hue of blue on the color wheel I’d say it belongs somewhere between dusty cobalt and dark pastel. In my opinion the sharp color enhances the definition of the home structure. I really love it. More importantly, so do the home owners.

Next time you choose an exterior home color factor in the personality, history, and feel of your neighborhood. Browse the internet for clues and historical tidbits. Get to know your neighborhood’s personality and the temperament of your street. Discovering the right color for your home can be a fun and interesting journey. And if your exterior color matches your neighborhood you’ll always feel right at home.

Thanks for reading!