The topsy-turvy economy of recent years has forced many businesses to reconcile with their true nature. We feel that capitalizing on the inherent strengths and talents that naturally exist in your business is the best way to set your services apart. Whether you own a quaint café or a king-sized franchise—knowing your strengths (and weaknesses) is the lifeblood to any business success. Below are five things we KNOW we we're good at:


If we say we’ll meet you somewhere at a certain time you can count on it. We always live up to our promises and obligations. A home renovation can be a costly endeavor and we don’t take it lightly. We earn our clients trust by never making promises we can’t keep.


The advantages of running a small company are many. We think one of the most important advantages is our ability to execute swift changes. It costs big companies big time and big money to make changes that we can do with a phone call. We’d rather spend time being productive on our job sites than burn time at endless strategy meetings where consensus is rarely reached.


Fortunately we have solid relationships with everyone we work with. Over time, we’ve cultivated our “go to” real estate agents, bankers, sub-contractors, and architects and have them all on speed dial. Building strong business relationships takes time and follow-through. But strong business relationships in any business are pure gold.


From face-to-face contact to social media—we work hard to ensure that our unique brand message is delivered consistently. We recently added this blog in order to let everyone know a little bit more about Level Craft. Who we are—Debbie and Virginia. What our aesthetic is—simple, clean, functional, warm, modern, and natural. And what we represent—quality, detail, and craftsmanship.


At Level Craft we know the importance of adjusting our strategies and pricing when a course correction is required. We keep a finger on the pulse of our finicky and temperamental market so we can adjust our pricing accordingly. Being willing to change helps us remain competitive within our sometimes temperamental marketplace.



Last week a potential client asked “Other than the fact that you’re both women, what makes you different than the all the other building and renovation companies out there?”   At first, the question caught me off guard. But the truth is there are two things that set us apart from the rest. First, we look at each home renovation project not as a custom collaboration. It’s very important that we’re on the same page as our client. To do this we work together. We meet over coffee, we discuss, we envision, we scribble on napkins (sometimes literally) and compare notes to make sure everyone’s ideas, expectations and aesthetics are in synch. Ultimately, our clients need to be happy with our work. By approaching each home renovation project not just as a contract job but as a mutual custom collaboration—our clients always end up with a smile of satisfaction.

Secondly, I’d have to say that attention to detail is also our calling card. If your favorite piece of furniture is a turn-of-the-century farm table made from rescued barn wood then we’ll use that idea as a jumping off point and treasure hunt an architectural accent piece from the same period—maybe we’ll hang a repurposed light fixture built from an old pickle barrel above that farm table—or we’ll add a salvaged plank wood window bench to our design plans. Our end product always rings true because we pay attention to the details—and the small details always make a huge difference.

 Thanks for reading! Virginia Van Lear. Level Craft.



When we first laid eyes on this property we thought “Great location with lots of potential.” This home was originally built in 1922 so it has all the charm of a classic American bungalow—wooden details, a generous porch, built in cabinetry—all of which needed either replacing or repairing. The location is ideal. Winnona Park is located on the cusp of Decatur, it’s a short walk to the shops and restaurants of Avondale Estates and Decatur Village. Hands down the in-town convenience and accessibility of Winnona Park is hard to beat.

Collectively my partner and I have been restoring and reviving early 20th century homes for over two decades. Much of our work has been in the historic neighborhoods of Kirkwood, Candler Park, and Oakhurst—so restoring homes of this exact nature has become our specialty. We’ve renovated our share of bungalows with limited kitchen and bedroom space which makes this particular property incredibly rare. Sitting on a double depth lot—this bungalow offers abundant breathing room inside and out with a sunny open floor plan, chef’s kitchen, oversized bedrooms and a 2-car detached garage set adroit the property’s forested green space.

We took our time with all the details—penny tiles in the bathrooms, hand-cut Cararra marble, gleaming dark wood floors, period-chandeliers, functional wooden lockers in the dressing room, bead board in unexpected places, custom farm doors for extra privacy. The list goes on. Let’s just say we’re especially proud of this quaintly elegant Winnona Park renovation and we’d love for you to see it. We are hosting an Open House for 223 South Columbia Drive on Sunday December 15th from 12-5pm. You’re invited. Or call Meghan Parham at 404-692-6875 for an immediate showing.